Welcome to soc-faker

soc-faker is a service which allows you to generate fake data related to information security data points and products.

soc-faker is based on and uses the Python package soc-faker. See documentation for this Python package below.

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By using the Endpoints dropdown menu you can select some fake data attribute and copy / paste to whatever application you want.

Use Our API

You can request a API token via email by requesting a token. Once you have a token then you can use soc-faker via our RESTful API!

import requests

headers = {'soc-faker': 'LiveInopportuneStumpClunkyWickedlyEnemy'}

response = requests.get('https://dialog.fm/api/agent', headers=headers).json()

$request = @{
    Method = 'Get'
    Uri = 'https://dialog.fm/api/agent'
    Headers = @{'soc-faker' = 'LiveInopportuneStumpClunkyWickedlyEnemy'}

Invoke-RestMethod @request