LPLE is a podcast dedicated to helping people who are learning English practice their English listening skill. Jesse and Andrew, LPLE show hosts and native English speakers, have a regular native English conversation, and speak slowly and clearly so that the listeners can better understand the conversation.
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Mar 20, 2016

Welcome to LPLE, "Let's Practice Listening in English!" Jesse and Andrew, your LPLE hosts, talk about their favorite foods and travel experience.

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Intro [Jesse]: Hi everyone. My name is Jesse Robbins, and welcome to LPLE from dialogue FM. We're the podcast that lets you practice listening in English. We speak English slowly and clearly so that you can follow along and understand native English speakers more easily. I'm excited to help you improve your English listening skills, as well as help you learn new vocabulary, grammar, and idioms commonly heard and conversation among native English speakers. If you want to practice listening in English, then we invite you to join our conversation.

Jesse: Andrew, what is your favorite food?

Andrew: Pizza is the first thing that comes to mind.

Jesse: Why do you like pizza? Why is that your favorite food?

Andrew: I think it has all of the things that are unhealthy for me and all of the things that taste good all at the same time.

Jesse: For me, I also like pizza. But, I like my pizza to be very simple--Not a lot of ingredients. My favorite pizza is pepperoni and sausage; very basic, very simple, any pizza place has it. What is your favorite kind of pizza?

Andrew: I think I am the same. I usually order pepperoni and sausage and cheese. I also like pizzas that have everything on it. Everything on the menu, though; pepperoni, sausage, peppers, onions. They call it a supreme usually; a supreme pizza.

Jesse: When people think of a popular pizza, they usually think Chicago or New York; most likely New York over Chicago...

Andrew: Most likely Chicago over New York.

Jesse: Exactly. That's one of the funniest debates when it comes to food between two cities: it's who has the best pizza in New York or Chicago

Andrew: It's a point of pride.

Jesse: Very two--two very different styles of pizza. New York pizza is very wide and very thin, right? And, in Chicago, has their Chicago deep-dish pizza, which actually doesn't really resemble a pizza once you cut into it.

Andrew: It is more like a meat and cheese pie that is baked all together with sauce and spices. It is delicious.

Jesse: I preferred New York pizza, and I've had both. I've tried Chicago deep-dish pizza and I've tried New York pizza, and I favor New York pizza. Sometimes I also eat fast food delivery pizza. But, yet again, here is a point of difference between you and me. Between Domino's Pizza and Pizza Hut, I prefer Pizza Hut.

Jesse: Alright, let's talk about travel.

Andrew: OK.

Jesse: Most recently, a couple of months ago, I travelled to Japan. That was my most recent international trip. I was in Japan for one week and it was very fun. The weather was hot. It was the end of summer, so of course it was also very humid. But, I still had a great time. I got to see friends. I got lots of delicious Japanese food. I got to sing karaoke--very fun. And, I did a little sightseeing. Not a lot, only a little. Primarily because when I lived in Japan about 10 years ago, I live in Japan for 3 months. So I had plenty of opportunity to sightsee. So, what about you? What was your most recent international trip?

Andrew: I haven't travel internationally in a little while. The last trip I took was about two years ago, but it was a longer trip so I got to see more places. I was traveling with a friend and we went through many countries in Southeast Asia. We flew to Laos, and then took a train to Thailand, and then flew to Bali/Indonesia, and from there I actually met up with you in Vietnam for the last week of our trip. And, I had a great time. I actually miss traveling and I want to do it again soon. I'm actually planning another trip back to Thailand early next year.

Jesse: Why are you going back to Thailand? There's many other countries in the world for you to travel. Thailand is a fantastic country. You're going back. Is there something about Thailand that you really like? Is it more to introduce Thailand to somebody else?

Andrew: Both, actually. Thailand is a great place to start traveling because the people are very friendly and there are a lot of hotels and tour guides and is easy to get around to travel to see sites and see the country. And, I'm also traveling with some friends who have not traveled outside of the United States very often and so this is a good place to start. So, I'm happy to go back. I love Thailand. I'm also excited to show parts of Southeast Asia to friends who haven't been there before. And, this is a good chance to do both of those things at once.

Jesse: How long is your trip this time?

Andrew: We are going for a little bit less than two weeks, so I think about ten to twelve days. And, we are going to start out in Bangkok, we're going to spend a few days at a city by the beach, and then for some of them--some of the people I'm traveling with who are leaving early--we are going to go to Singapore for a few days to show them the city. And then my girlfriend and I are going to stay and go back to Thailand to go to the north part of the country to a town called Chiang Mai and see more of what the north part of the country has, which is different weather, different culture, and just a different feeling than the big city of Bangkok.

Outro [Jesse]: Thank you for listening to this episode of LPLE, Let's Practice Listening in English, from Dialog.FM. Subscribe to LPLE on iTunes to hear the latest episodes, or listen to past episodes on our website, Dialog.FM. That's d-i-a-l-o-g-dot-f-m. If you have questions or comments about English, or if you would like for us to use a word, grammar, or idiom in our conversation so you can learn how to use it correctly, we would love to hear from you on Twitter at @dialogdotfm or Facebook at

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